February 2020

February 2020

If you are interested in serving please see any member of the leadership team. If you are unable to make this date please call the next person or the church office.


January 2020

January 2020 1st Sunday 2nd Sunday 3rd Sunday 4th Sunday
Jr. Church- Younger

Adam & KloudiMinnick No Jr. Church Autumn Graber &Emmah Moody Terrie Mills& Rebecca Bonta
Jr. Church- Older

Will & CarmenFliehman No Jr. Church Rochelle Bishop& Paige Graber Nick & AmandaHelbert

Corey & Chelsea Yoder Ben & Kyla Krafft Pam Munster & Hailey Mack Kelly Talik & Nicole Keener
Communion Meditation

Rod Laux Tom Moody Mike Mills Nick Helbert
Closing Prayer

Jerry Markle Carlyle Holman Adam Minnick Tom Moody
Servers Carlyle Holman    Austin Talik     Nate Bowker    Clayton Minnick     Von Timmerman     Will Fliehman      Rodney Strong     Adam Minnick


This Month: Brady Goff Next Month: Clayton Minnick
Communion Prep

This Month: Merle & Ruth Delagrange Next Month: Laux Family
Greeters This Month:Merle & Ruth Delagrange | Chris & Judy Krafft Next Month:Laux Family | Chris & Tracy Fetters


Serving Rotation 2020

Please remember, if you are unable to serve your Sunday, contact the first person listed in your month (bolded), this is the lead server of the month. 
Click here for the 2020 Serving Rotation. 


Greeters Schedule 2020

Guidelines for Greeters: Prepare Yourself to Serve.

  1. Dress appropriate for our church context.
  2. Fresh Breath (mints or gum are helpful)
  3. Deodorant – particularly if you like to hug.  NOTE: Hug only if the other person initiates.
  1. Prayer – ask God to help you greet everyone and that all who visit may discover God.
  2. Be in prayer for the church family and visitors.
  3. Be familiar with the church facilities as to directions to Sunday school rooms, nursery, children’s church, Welcome Center, restrooms, etc. Also, know the names of the teachers and ministry leaders, and introduce the visitors.
  4. Be aware of the Greeters schedule and be present when you are scheduled. If you are unable to serve, inform Hospitality Ministry as soon as possible so your vacancy can be filled. Schedules are on the calendar and the app.
  5. Two people will be assigned to each location to allow for one person to take visitors to classes or assist others as appropriate.
  6. Be at your place of ministry 15 minutes prior to start time of Sunday school, service, or activity.
  7. Open door, welcome all with a smile, shake their hand, give them a bulletin. If a member, address them by first name if possible. If you don’t remember their first name, don’t be afraid to ask.
  8. If raining, assist with umbrellas for members and visitors entering church. DO NOT put yourself in danger by assisting someone.
  9. If a person identifies himself or herself as a visitor, inform the Hospitality team so they can be given the visitor packet. Visitor Bags are kept on the shelf along with brochures about our church.
  10. Remain at the entrance until after service begins. Often there are late arrivals and we want to be sure they are welcomed also.

When Greeting Visitors

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Ask if they are looking for someone special/if someone invited them to attend and direct them to the location of those individuals.
  3. Inform the Hospitality ministry team, so they can give the visitors their welcome packet.
For the full Greeters Handbook click here.
For the 2020 Greeters Schedule click here



Nursery Rotation Schedule 2020

Please remember:
if you are unable to make your Sunday, please try and switch with another nursery worker before contacting Arielle Graber.
arrive 15 minutes prior to church starting

check all kids in & make sure info cards are correct

make sure all kids are clean & dry before pick up (fill out an incident card as needed)

check kids out (limit the # of parents coming behind the counter)

wipe down the changing counter & large toys with Clorox wipes

put away all toys in the correct bins


Click here for the 2020 Nursery Rotation Schedule. 
Thank you for your service!


Communion Meditation Rotation 2020

A few reminders:
Please keep meditations to under 5 minutes. 
Please keep your message pointed at Jesus.
Please if you unable to do your meditation on the scheduled Sunday, try and switch with a person. If that does not work out, then call/text Donny, Dustin or Jerry Markle. 
For a full list of guidelines click here


December 2019

December 2019

1st Sunday

2nd Sunday

3rd Sunday

4th Sunday

5th Sunday

Jr. Church-Younger

Adam & Kloudi Minnick

No Jr. Church

Autumn Graber & Emmah Moody

Terrie Mills & Rebecca Bonta

No Jr. Church

Jr. Church- Older

Will & Carmen Fliehman

No Jr. Church

Rochelle Bishop & Paige Graber

Nick & Amanda Helbert

No Jr. Church


Lori Camp & Megan Blank

Andrew & Brittany Halferty

Von & Teri Timmerman

Austin & Taylor Talik

Arielle Graber & Vicki Holman

 Communion Meditation

Andrew Halferty

Rod Laux

Mike Mills

Carlyle Holman

Merle Delagrange

 Closing Prayer

Dustin Cross

Adam Minnick

Brady Goff

Rod Laux

Jerry Markle


Merle Delagrange     Larry Yoder     Brennen Holman  Les Yoder     
Ben Krafft     Tom Moody      Dick Larabee     Jason Holman


This Month:   Clayton Minnick

Next Month:    Brady Goff

Communion Prep

This Month:  Moore’s & Laney’s

Next Month: 


This Month:Bryce & Kaci Yoder | Austin & Taylor Talik

Next Month:                              |


November 2019

November 2019 1st Sunday 2nd Sunday 3rd Sunday 4th Sunday
Jr. Church-Younger Adam & Kloudi Minnick No Jr. Church Autumn Graber & Emmah Moody Terrie Mills & Rebecca Bonta
Jr. Church- Older Will & Carmen Fliehman No Jr. Church Rochelle Bishop & Paige Graber Nick & Amanda Helbert
Nursery Corey & Chelsea Yoder Ben & Kyla Krafft Chris & Tracy Fetters Kelly Talik & Nicole Keener
 Communion Med Merle Delagrange Allen Holman Jerry Markle Dustin Cross
 Closing Prayer Jerry Markle Carlyle Holman Jason Holman Allen Holman
Servers Jerry Markle   Mike Mills   Jonathan Prosser   Chris Fetters   Bert Holman    Cohen Fetters   Blaine Prosser   Greg Munster
Camera This Month:   Brady Goff Next Month:   Clayton Minnick
Communion Prep This Month:  Les & Lenare Yoder Next Month:Moore’s & Laney’s
Greeters This Month: Les & Lenare Yoder  |  Tom & Shalona Moody Next Month: Bryce & Kaci Yoder  |  Austin & Taylor Talik