CIY: Move 2020

Date: June 14-18, Cedarville OH
Ages: Current 8th – Graduating Seniors
Total Cost: $329.00- (students who achieved the scholarship requirements will only need to pay 50%)

Registration is due by March 29th with a non-refundable fee of $164.50. Remainder cost ($164.50) needs paid by April 26th.

In the last moments of Jesus’ ministry on Earth, he said something that is extremely shocking: that it is for our good that he should go away. Say what?!?

He follows this shocking statement with encouragement and hope – that once he leaves he will send an advocate to speak on our behalf. That advocate is the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity. He holds the same power of God the Father and the same promise of Jesus the Son. He lives in us and works through us and keeps us connected to one another. As we answer Christ’s call on our lives to be Kingdom workers, the Holy Spirit guides and provides … and the fruits of that labor are wide-reaching and eternal.

In 2020 CIY MOVE will explore the Third Person of the Trinity – who he is, how he works, and the many ways high school students can lean in and stay connected to him every moment of their lives.

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