I Am: The Resurrection & The Life

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We’ve been spending that last several Sundays studying the 7 notable I Am statements of Jesus. As people who live in a world and culture where Jesus and the church are well known, we sometimes can be guilty of taking Jesus for granted. However, for the people Jesus was preaching too, they hadn’t heard the gospel yet, and they didn’t yet know who Jesus was.
The first I am statement by Jesus was I Am the Bread of Life. This was followed by I Am the Light of the World, then I am the Gate for the sheep. Travis Wilhelm from Trine CCH shared a great message about Jesus’ fourth statement, I am the Good Shepherd.
As we progress through these statements, we are getting closer and closer in the Gospel of John to the crucifixion of Jesus. This statement we are looking at this week took place during the resurrecting of Lazarus. Join us as we hear I Am: The Resurrection and The Life. #stjoecoc #ComeAndSee #Momentum2024 #PreparingForWhatIsToCome