Saying No To The King

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None of us like to hear the answer “NO.” That’s true of children, teenagers and adults. I remember I hated to hear that answer when I was a child. There are not many pictures sadder to me than that of a parent who doesn’t say “no” to their child. A child who is obviously in control of his or her parent. We have all seen them. The kid who gets everything they want when they want it. The parent gives in to the constant demands. How does that kid behave? What kind of adult do you think they grow up to be? But what about God? Does God ever tell us no? Doesn’t God want to give us what we want? Doesn’t God desire that we are happy? Join us as be come to a time in David’s life where God tells him no. How do you think this King responds? #stjoecofc #ComeAndSee #Pursue2022