The King of Lust

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You know, no matter what I do, I cannot get through the day without God’s help. The worst times come when I am feeling confident. When I think I have it all together, that is when I stumble and falter in my faith. Temptation and sin are an ever present, on-going struggle for all of us. Nobody is exempt from sin, from its powerful draw and terrible effects. Some people have certain tendencies towards various sins. Lying, gossiping, drunkenness, anger, greed, pride, etc. Of all the temptations and sins, none perhaps are as strong and devastating as sexual lust and sexual sin. The Bible clearly warns us about these temptations with explicit commands and personal examples. Today we return to our yearly focus, our theme for the year is Pursue: A quest for a Godly heart. Here we examine one of the most well-known David events. #stjoecofc #ComeAndSee #Pursue2022