Visiting the Cities of Acts: Egoamimetasou

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Sermon Notes

We have been through various cities so far in our journey through Acts. Last week we visited Religiosity. A place where people pretend to be religious but all of it is empty and hollow. Instead, we need to move into relationship with God. The week before that we were in Simplicity. The Bereans showed us how to live in simple faith. Following God, studying the Scripture to make sure we are living our lives right. We started this sermon series by visiting the town of Jealousy. In the city of Jealousy there is a good side. There is a proper time and place to be jealous. But there is also the other side of the tracks. A place where jealousy takes us to a sinful life. The city we are really going to visit today is hard to say, Egoamimetasou. We are going to see what Egoamimetasou means to Paul, and what it can mean to us, as we come to chapter 18 of Acts. #stjoecofc #ComeAndSee #Destination2021 #VisitingtheCitiesofActs