Hearten House Gospel Rescue Mission


Because homeless individuals are not visible on every street corner, we may be deceived into believing it is not a problem in our town. But there are hundreds of individuals who live in dangerous housing situations, sleep on other’s couches temporarily, or share housing with other families in crowded and stressed conditions. Experts estimate as many as 2,500 men, women and children living in DeKalb County are dangerously near or experiencing homelessness. Housing insecurity creates a host of problems and a cycle of poverty that is very difficult to break free from.
​Families are often torn apart, and the fabric of the community is weakened.


Hearten House Gospel Rescue Mission is a shelter providing restorative care for women experiencing a homeless crisis.
Some women are fleeing domestic abuse; others are pregnant with no support network; many just need a safe place to stay and encouragement as they rebuild their lives.​Using proven strategies, Hearten House staff and trained volunteers will walk alongside women who are ready to overcome  trauma, addictions, and destructive habits, on their way to self-sufficiency.

Together, we can help women find hope, healing, and the love of Christ.

A facility for Hearten House was purchased in 2017 and is now OPEN!
Your prayers and financial contributions to this ministry are vital. 
Please consider supporting the Hearten House in 2021.
A quick easy way to help is by directly ordering needed items from Amazon.com and they will be sent right to Hearten House. Click here for their WISHLIST to order.
Those wishing to make donations or volunteer services to Hearten House are invited to contact
​Hearten House 1-260-333-7223

E-mail    heartenhouse@dciconline.org


For more information about Hearten House Gospel Rescue Mission visit their website at www.dciconline.org/hearten-house.html


Homeless Mission Needs

Each first Friday of the month a group from StJoeCofC go to Ft. Wayne and provide a meal to the homeless through the mission The Blessed Portion Ministry.

The items needed for the Friday night meal, to serve 150-200 people, are: sturdy plates, napkin/paper towels, to-go containers (talk to Jen, Jason or Vicki) and aluminum foil. Monetary donations to help fulfill costs of food and supplies also. 

Below is a list of items needed to for the men through this mission.

Clothing: Men’s Clothing, Men’s Shoes, Men’s Boots, Socks, Men’s underwear, jackets

Shelter: Sleeping bags, Blankets, Big thick black trash bags, tarps, tents

Toiletries/Health Items: Toilet paper, Baby wipes, Hygiene items, Cough Drops, Chap Stick, finger nail clippers, combs, brushes, razors, shaving creams, bug spray, poison ivy medicine, Advil, Tylenol,

Food/Water: Pop-top canned goods, Water, individually wrapped snacks (pop tarts, cookies, crackers, soft granola bars, etc), Instant coffee, Low dollar food gift cards, fresh fruit,

Books: Christian devotionals, Bibles, word search books, crossword puzzle books, history books or magazines

Misc.:Batteries of all sizes, Fort Wayne Bus passes , Small radios, Reading glasses, Small Flashlights, Candles, Adult sized book bags, Gift certificates to thrift stores or grocery stores to help buy what we don’t get donated, 7×7 tents, thick comforters, sternos, THICK black trash bags, candles, Bibles, NA books, AA Books, men’s watches, men’s wallets, ponchos, book bags, toilet paper, brown or camo colored tarps, 5.00 fast food gift cards, all day bus passes.

Nights are starting to get cooler. Staying warm is key. So if your cleaning out your closets here are some needs: 



~BLANKETS, sleeping bags, tarps, tents

~MENS 10, 11, 12 tennis shoes/boots

~napkins, paper towels, paper plates, unscented baby wipes
~Devotion Book- Jesus Is Calling: Enjoying Peace In His Presence
If you are able to provide any of these items please bring them to the church and place them in the adult classroom, or bring them through the week to the church office. If you have any questions about this great mission of love, please contact Jason & Vicki Holman or Rod & Jen Laux.
These items can also be brought to the church and they will be taken to the mission.
To visit Blessed Portions website, click here.