Dress Policy

St. Joe Church of Christ Dress Policy


Men– You must wear appropriate fitting swimwear. Nothing too tight and nothing that is too baggy and saggy, your posterior must be covered at all times (crack kills). Speedos are a no go. While traveling to and from swim events guys must wear a shirt or tank top (not a custom made muscle shirt with gigantic arm holes).


Women– You must wear either a one piece or a tankini. If you wear a tankini you must wear a bottom that covers your posterior. The cheeks on your face should be the only ones that are visible. While traveling to and from swim events, women must wear shorts over their bottoms.


This is for all church events and trips (CIY/TeenServe).


Failure to follow the dress code will either result in being sent home to change or asked to cover up (shirts will be provided as a secondary option). If you question whether it is appropriate, the answer is probable no. If you still aren’t sure or have any questions pertaining to the appropriateness of your swim wear please contact myself, Dusty for the guys or Tianna for the girls.