Greeters Schedule

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Guidelines for Greeters: Prepare Yourself to Serve.

  1. Dress appropriate for our church context.
  2. Fresh Breath (mints or gum are helpful)
  3. Deodorant – particularly if you like to hug.  NOTE: Hug only if the other person initiates.
  1. Prayer – ask God to help you greet everyone and that all who visit may discover God.
  2. Be in prayer for the church family and visitors.
  3. Be familiar with the church facilities as to directions to Sunday school rooms, nursery, children’s church, Welcome Center, restrooms, etc. Also, know the names of the teachers and ministry leaders, and introduce the visitors.
  4. Be aware of the Greeters schedule and be present when you are scheduled. If you are unable to serve, inform Hospitality Ministry as soon as possible so your vacancy can be filled. Schedules are on the calendar and the app.
  5. Two people will be assigned to each location to allow for one person to take visitors to classes or assist others as appropriate.
  6. Be at your place of ministry 15 minutes prior to start time of Sunday school, service, or activity.
  7. Open door, welcome all with a smile, shake their hand, give them a bulletin. If a member, address them by first name if possible. If you don’t remember their first name, don’t be afraid to ask.
  8. If raining, assist with umbrellas for members and visitors entering church. DO NOT put yourself in danger by assisting someone.
  9. If a person identifies himself or herself as a visitor, inform the Hospitality team so they can be given the visitor packet. Visitor Bags are kept on the shelf along with brochures about our church.
  10. Remain at the entrance until after service begins. Often there are late arrivals and we want to be sure they are welcomed also.

When Greeting Visitors

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Ask if they are looking for someone special/if someone invited them to attend and direct them to the location of those individuals.
  3. Inform the Hospitality ministry team, so they can give the visitors their welcome packet.
For the full Greeters Handbook click here.