Genuine: The Real Jesus

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Sermon Notes

Jesus had to teach the disciples lessons in the shallow water that would prepare them for a journey into the deep waters. These are lessons Jesus taught:

  1. It is not necessary to fully understand God’s instructions in order to obey them.
  2. Disciples of Jesus learn that God is able to do abundantly more than our rational minds could ever hope for or even imagine.
  3. When we obey Jesus, Jesus becomes more real in our lives. His power, His authority, His holiness cascade around us like raging water. He is majestic, He is pure, He is deep.
  4. An encounter with the Real God, causes a real change in people’s lives.

Has Jesus become real to you? Are you ready to get out of the shallow water? Check out this message from Luke 5:1-11. #stjoecofc #ComeAndSee #AuthenticIn2019 #genuine